RC Vehicle Enthusiasts

We are a group of RC car enthusiasts that created this site out of love toward RCs. Join us and enter the world of RC vehicles.

Our Offer


Every person that joins our group can ask for help from veterans. We are an open and friendly group, and every question will be met with answers that will satisfy the person that made the inquiry.


We organize RC events on a regular basis. Every member of our group can become a part of the event as long as they have a vehicle that fits the criteria of that particular event.


Our members have a page on the site where they can list their RC vehicles for trade. They can also contact other members directly (if the other party is interested in a trade) and trade with them.

Spare Parts

Our network of members and other contacts makes it easy to find spare parts for the majority of the RC models. The price of these parts is lower than on the open market.

How To Get Started With Hobby RC Vehicles

It’s easy to buy a useless RC car if you don’t know anything about the market. The first step for you as someone who knows nothing is to join us. You will then find a lot of info about the hobby and people will explain how things work.

We will be glad to talk with you and give you an insight into RC racing and vehicles. You will be able to review and choose beginner cars that are easy to maintain and run, and our members will be there to help you decide. The rest of is on you, whether you choose to stick with our group or go solo.

What People Say About Our Club

Robert D. BecherRobert D. BecherNCFFA Fun Fly is a website that introduced me to the world of RC cars. I had some previous knowledge about it, but other members of this group offered me a hand and showed me everything I needed to know to enjoy in my hobby”

Michael S. RossiMichael S. Rossi“My love toward RC vehicles was created in the past, and it has been my hobby for over a decade. I joined NCFFA Fun Fly because it allowed me to connect with other enthusiasts and to share my experiences and hang out with people who share my passion toward RC vehicles”

Terrance M. RuffTerrance M. Ruff“My passion for racing has been inhibited by the monetary issues, but I found an alternative in RC racing. NCFFA Fun Fly helped me to find people that share my problems and desires. We gather together and race our RC cars, and that is something that I look forward to every single time”

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