RC Planes For Beginners

Choosing your first radio control plane can be a very exciting experience, no matter what age you are. You will have a vast choice, but first, we need to clarify what defines a beginner RC plane. They don’t have some specific features, but they are usually slower, simple to operate and very stable in flying and in addition to this, very durable. The beginner plane is also known as a trainer aircraft. If you want to start with this hobby, then a beginner airplane is your best choice. You won’t have a hard time building it, and it is much easier to manage.

High – wing beginner favorites

RC-planesWhen a plane has, its wings placed on top of the fuselage, then this plane is called a high – winger. They are other more stable in flying which makes them perfect for beginners. One of the widely-spread models is the Piper Cub or its variants. One of the bestsellers in the recent years has been a Super Cub from HobbyZone. It has kept its original design, but they have made some new adjustments and updates. The sports Cub 5 has already proven its popularity as the original version of this RC plane. The manufacturer has implemented a stabilization technology which makes this plane easier to control.

Another RC aircraft which is widely popular is Champ. It comes from the same company as Super Cub; it is highly affordable, small in size and it has proven to be a win – win combination for beginners. To be honest, a small size isn’t always good when you are learning, but if you operate on a tight budget, it can be convenient.

Beginner RC planes, 3 or 4 channels?

Beginner-RC-planesThis is a very common question we receive every day, should beginners choose 3 or 4 channel RC aircraft? The number of channels means the number of functions. Three channel plane will have a control to motor power, rudder and elevator, in some cases, you will get an aileron control instead of rudder. On the other hand, four channel will have all these options motor power, rudder, elevator and aileron. An example of this type of a plane is the E – elite Apprentice S 15e.

Essentially, once you master a three channel, you won’t have that much fun piloting this plane. The exception to this are planes which have an aileron control instead of rudder. They are more aerobating in the air and more exciting to fly. There are always pros and cons, but if you choose three channel plane, you will learn to fly faster, while four channel will provide you more fun afterward. It all depends on your preferences and what do you enjoy more.

A good alternative to a high wing trainer is an electric power glider, like Hobbyzone Conscendo. A glider like this can provide you stability and plenty of time to react. In this way, you will avoid crashes. You can choose between different styles and sizes. It is beginner – friendly because it contains SAFE technology.