Beginners Guide For Radio Control Airplanes

Radio control airplanes have been an enjoyable hobby for many people. It will help you relax and enjoy the freedom these gadgets will offer you. Crashes are typical in this spot, if it happens to you, don’t worry, you can always build a new plane. But, with the adequate training and flight simulation, you will be able to avoid this. If you are passionate about aircraft and you want to learn how to fly them, we hope our guide will help you get familiar with them.

The common things all RC airplanes – radio have

Before you decide to engage in this sport, you need to choose a type of plane you want to build and fly. The most common features all aircraft have are:

Radio transmitter and receiver – these are the main components, and you should never save money on them. They will help you avoid crashes and or worse; you might hurt someone because of the faulty equipment. Radios usually come between two and four channels, they are not separate frequencies, but they are each control. Same goes for radio transmitters, they are on several radio frequencies, and you need to change the matching crystals if you want to establish the connection.

On the other hand, radio receivers which are powered by gas, they use rechargeable batteries. They vary between 4.6 and 6 volts.


You need to choose the direction in which you intend to move control sticks. It should be the same for everything you try to fly, so you don’t have to learn every time to fly a new plane. The controls are usually universal for all aircraft, maybe some of them have some small variations, depending on the brand. Once you learn this setup, you will be able to use even more complicated controls, for more maneuverable aircraft.

Choose the type of airplane

AirplaneAircraft which are powered by electricity are usually smaller and quieter. Of course, they come in different shapes and sizes, and you can select a broad range of materials they are built of. There are some pros and cons regarding the electric airplanes. They are quiet, affordable, small and easy to transport. On the other hand, since you powered on batteries, they tend to run out quickly, and if you want to buy large models, they are quite pricey. If you happen to crash an airplane, you should remove the battery as soon as possible and lay on the ground for half an hour. Do not put it in your car, because the fire might occur.

RC airplanes powered by gas are a much better option if you are a true lover of this sport. They have a two cycle high RPM engines which will do the job very nicely. They are designed for bigger planes, they have an upper and longer speed, and the kits are cheap as some of the batteries. The disadvantage of these aircraft: they are noisy, you need to maintain them properly and change oil, and they require a larger take off area. Bigger speed means harder control, in this case, these planes aren’t for beginners.