Buying Your First RC Airplane – What To Know

This decision shouldn’t be taken so lightly, after all, you will be your time and money. When the time comes to buy an RC plane, one of the first things you will need to learn is how to fly it and how to avoid crashes. If you want to start this hobby, then you should choose thinner airplanes, which are best for the learning experience. You will be able to maneuver it easily, it is very stable and doesn’t create big noise. But, what happens when you need to decide on the size, power type, form, and construction? We are going to help you choose the best aircraft for your needs.

Make your priorities

RC-AirplaneIt is important to know what you want, do you want this to be your hobby, or do you want to engage in this sport professionally. For hobby option, you don’t need an expensive RC aircraft; you can buy one which is powered by electricity. They are very convenient, easy to managed and you will have a great time flying them. On the other hand, if you take this sport too professionally, then you will need an RC plane which is powered by fuel. They are much stronger and faster, and with them, you will experience the real thrill of flying.

The size

The plane size is usually determined by the wingspan, or the length of the wings, from one tip to another. If you don’t know which size is right, then you should be aware that abound 50 inches is considered a good one. But, these measures largely depend on the areas in which you plan to fly an RC aircraft. For small space, you will need a smaller plane, or opposite to this something larger. The typical electric planes fall into this category; same goes for trainers. Their size varies between 40 and 60 inches.

Power type

RCAt this point you may already know whether you want to pilot an IC or EP, this all depends on your personal preferences. For example, if you are restricted by the space, and you are maybe limited to fly in public areas, such as parks, then the best option for you would be an electric plane. They make a big noise. Usually, they are soundless, you don’t need an excessive accessory, and generally speaking, they are much affordable. On the other hand, if you want to pilot an IC plane, then you will need to join the club.


In this case, your choice is between balsa or foam. Many people decide to buy an electric foam plane because it is convenient, cheap widely available and easy to repair. However, balsa airplanes can be resistant, but if they suffer some crashes, the damage will be bigger, and they can be more complicated to repair. If you are looking a way to have some fun and to spend an enjoyable day in nature, our advice would be to choose a foam EP.